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KaffeeKollektiv Zapatista
It is through the collaboration with KaffeeKollektiv Aroma Zapatista in Hamburg and their work with the Zapatistan coffee farmers in the Chiapas region of Mexico that I show support for an alternative autonomous government. The story of the Zapatistas represents an on going fight for the justice of indigenous voices against destructive capitalist governmental regimes. Their story is a representation of a struggle to fight against domination and oppressive systems, to create a self determined collective without disenfranchisement, patriarchy and inequality. With a strong feminist and environmental ideology, their activity is a significant influence within my art practice. It is through their inspiring history that I intend to raise awareness of their movement, to show solidarity by presenting their struggle and story to my audience. 

Contigo Fairtrade GmbH

Coffee sacks are sourced from Contigo Fairtrade GmbH. This foundation works towards establishing a fairer system for coffee farmers which cut out the distribution costs. By working first hand with the traders Contigo establishes a fairer price for their coffee. Sacks are used in return fordonations towards their charities which provide help and support to the farmers and producers of goods that are sold in their shops in germany. This aid helps those effected by climate disasters and incidents through no fault of their own.

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