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'A Growing Realisation'


A Growing Realisation'. 2018. Hessian, steel, grass. [ 170cm x 200cm x 140cm]

Price negotiable please contact.

The aesthetic of the piece is taken from forms found in nature that humanity often considers as being grotesque. The artist's intention is to simplify these organic forms by decontextualising them and reimagining them in an exhibition space. Studley hopes to persuade the audience to reevaluate what they consider as unpleasant organisms within nature, and to realise that all nature can be beautiful.


The work encourages artists and the audience to be aware of their environmental footprint. For this generation of artists, it is important to consider the environmental impact of their materials and to create art that does not contribute to waste pollution or deforestation. Therefore, the sculpture presented is created completely from biodegradable, reusable and recyclable materials. The work features organic growth, such as grass, so that gradually it becomes a living sculpture throughout the exhibition.


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