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Artist Biography

It is through site specific, textile and mixed media sculpture and installation that the artist hopes to explore the capabilities of organic and biodegradable materials to express narratives of herself, humanity and our
relationship to nature, time and space.

Studley‘s practice explores the transformation of natural materials within the public space. Through ephemeral sculpture and installation she hope to understand the patterns of growth and decay, to consider art as a process rather than one fixed creation. Having been strongly influenced by  upbringing within family based agriculture and rural communities in the UK, natural processes, have always been a symbol of existence through the visual passage and transformation of time.

The relationship between myself, my practice and space is developed through the contextualisation of
materials. By understanding the origin of organic materials such as locally sourced clays, local farm materials and coffee sacks she intend to reflect the connection between herself, the material and space. Furthermore, the results are environmentally conscious artworks which raise awareness and thought regarding sustainable art and art making.

By reclaiming spaces with transformative active works the artist hopes to immerse the viewer in alternative natural environments in unusual settings. Though this she invokes feelings of unease and intrusion as the work unexpectedly confronts the viewer, making them reassess their place in this space and existence.

Having graduated from Loughborough University in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a Diploma of International Studies from The University of Zaragoza, Spain, Studley continues to work internationally as an environmental and nature artist.


This experience has allowed her to continue her own artistic practice after relocating from Cheshire in the United Kingdom to Aachen, Germany. This willingness to move location within Europe has opened up new opportunities for her art practice, creating connections with bordering countries such as Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Such connections have led to group exhibitions, gallery representation and workshop opportunities both within and outside of Germany throughout 2020.


Studley welcomes commission work and offers on current pieces displayed on her website. Please visit the Contact page for more details on how and where to purchase. 


For updates make sure to follow @katestudley on Instagram

and Kate Studley, Artist on Facebook.

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